The Boat That We Built

Sailing their baby!

Online Live Screening & Post-screening Rendezvous Sunday 31st May 11am UK & 8pm AEST 
Just click on the link to join the video hangout anytime here. No google account, exceptional technical abilities or need to leave the house required. We’ll play the video every half hour and be around to natter and catch up with you all. It’d be great to see your beautiful faces!

Artist Emma Johnson’s collaboration with partner, musician Dan Licht and ceramic artist Anton Todd.

The Boat That We Built is a song Dan wrote and recorded as a kind of farewell and epilogue to a particularly turbulent time in his life. HERE IT IS! FEEL FREE TO SHARE……

As a celebration for the release of the animation for ‘The Boat That We Built’ we are giving away 2 signed copies of the Samsara Sun – ‘White Soul Black Hearts’ album with limited edition, original lino-print artwork by Jenny Mai Hall. To win yourself a copy, sign up to my mailing list by July 30th. Two names will be plucked out of the hat randomly (trust me, no favouritism!).

The Boat That We Built in both song and in its visual representation is essentially an elaborate metaphor for grief, loss of identity and ultimately the letting go required to move on.

The genesis of the song was born out of two overlapping ideas.

Following the tragic, random murder of my close friend and long time musical collaborator Darren Jones, I was often asked about plans for the future, my musical ambitions and the fate of the group I was in with Darren, The DFG. Too devastated to think much about music let alone contemplate the future, I often referred to the body of work Darren & I had created as like a ship we’d built together, sailing out over the horizon, out of sight and now seemingly out of my control. 

The emotional turmoil following Darren’s murder left me longing for the innocence of childhood. Memories of time spent with my mother’s family in Newcastle in the north of England where I could see the ship building cranes from the room I shared with my brother and the subsequent demise of this industry provided me with an ideal metaphor  for my own sense of loss.

My partner, Artist Emma Johnson & I storyboarded ideas for a music clip following the journey of a boat in a bottle. During this gestation period we met a ceramic artist, Anton Todd, whose work resonated and appeared perfectly suited to the sombre quirkiness that we had in mind. The final clip blends hand-drawn animation with stop-motion using Anton’s ceramic buildings and the little boat.