Album Discography

White Soul Black Hearts - Samsara Sun

Samsara Sun – White Soul Black Hearts

LP Released 2014

A journey into the dark heart and history of the Australian subconscious.

Contemporary soul, reggae, rock and R’n’B, fusing layered ambient and electronic sounds with more acoustic, organic elements.

Songs written by Dan Licht. Produced by Dan Licht, Josh Licht & Jeff Springfield.

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Dan Licht - Requiem For The Doctor

Dan Licht – Requiem For The Doctor

LP Limited Release 2007

A limited edition collection of raw, confessional piano ballads and acoustic songs written by Dan in tribute to his friend and long time collaborator, the late Darren Jones.

Produced by Dan Licht.

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The DFG - Lone Gone The Day

The DFG – Long Gone The Day

LP Released 2005

Contemporary reggae, R’n’B and gospel soul.

Cautionary tales with clean, full bodied harmonies, memorable melodies and inspired playing.
Dan wrote ten of the eleven songs on the album.

The DFG (Dogma Free Gospel) were a Melbourne based band comprising Dan Licht, Josh Licht, Brook Quinn, Denise Smith and Darren Jones.

Long Gone The Day was produced, performed and arranged by The DFG.

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Compilations / Contributions

The Music of Darren Jones

A compilation of the work of the late Darren Jones, a uniquely talented Melbourne based musician, whose life was cut tragically short.

This compilation includes various bands and projects that Darren was a part of.

Dan is featured on 4 of these songs, 3 of which he wrote or co-wrote.

Compiled & produced by Michael Arvanitakis.

A Mountain of Sound 2012

3MDR Mountain District Radio – A Mountain of Sound 2012

A compilation of various artists recorded live and mostly acoustic at 3MDR 97.1fm, Emerald, Victoria, Australia.

Dan contributed a live acoustic version of the White Soul Black Hearts song The Boat That We Built.

Fats Wah Wah – self titled LP

Released 2006

The debut self titled album from Melbourne based band Fats Wah Wah.

Blues, R’n’B, reggae & rockabilly with killer grooves and dry, darkly humorous lyrics.

Dan contributed backing vocals and harmonica to tracks from this album.