Love Is A Losing Game

Love Is A Losing Game

Hi folks!

Emma and myself have just got back from our cycle tour of continental Europe. Now we have to decide what to do for the next phase of our lives???? Can’t believe it was only three months. New places, people and experiences almost every day.

Whilst in Bayreuth, Germany we discovered an amazing piano shop where they made, repaired and sold a variety of pianos and harpsichords. They also exhibited some centuries old instruments which gave me the opportunity to indulge my fascination for both history and music. A veritable double whammy! Whilst there we recorded and filmed a couple of songs. This interpretation of Amy Winehouse’s ‘Love Is A Losing Game’ I felt came up the best. Enjoy!

Cheers Dan.

The inimitable Amy Winehouse. What more can I say? Possibly my favourite song from her classic and hugely successful “Back To Black” album. I love the way the melody and chords move in this song and lend itself to a variety of interpretations.