Live in Monmouth, Wales

In our travels through the mythical and magical border country of the idyllic Wye Valley we found ourselves in Monmouth, Wales. To take respite from the inclement weather, we ventured into the beautiful, old St. Mary’s Priory Church where upon I discovered a grand piano. My partner Emma suggested she record and film me performing a couple of songs. I agreed this was superb idea, particularly as there was no one else around and it was a perfect impromptu opportunity. Why I chose these particular songs I’m not quite sure other than perhaps they fitted the solemnity of the surroundings.

Follow Me Down (D.Licht) / People Get Ready (C.Mayfield) Medley – Live @ St. Mary’s Priory Church, Monmouth, Wales.

‘Follow Me Down’ was a song I wrote during a particularly sad and soul-searching time in my life. I later recorded it for the Samsara Sun album, ‘White Soul Black Hearts’.

Curtis Mayfield’s ‘People Get Ready’ is a song I have been performing for many years. It’s a song I rarely perform the same way twice. Although this is ostensibly a gospel song, and I am more of an Atheist persuasion, I feel this song, like the best gospel music, expresses as much about the human condition as anything overtly religious.

Listen & purchase ‘White Soul Black Hearts’ here

Bird On A Wire (L.Cohen) – Live @ Monmouth, Wales

Leonard Cohen is hands down one of my favourite songwriters, and this is one of the most achingly beautiful songs of redemption ever written. I was particularly inspired by Aaron Neville’s interpretation of this song.

Recorded & filmed at St. Mary’s Priory Church, in Monmouth, Wales.